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What Inspires Us to Do This?

It all started in 2019 when the Lord revealed to Rebekah and Andrew about his Kingdom; They were praying for a breakthrough in their finances and one day the Lord spoke to Rebekah very clearly in the car while she was driving, and said to her “ The reason why you are not experiencing the blessings in your finances is because you are not operating under my Kingdom” 

Immediately Rebekah’s question was “What Kingdom?” “Is there a Kingdom? After that revelation about the Kingdom Rebekah began to read the bible searching for the Kingdom the Lord had spoken to her about and sure enough as she began to read Mathew, Luke, Mark, & John where Jesus reveals the Kingdom of God, She found that Jesus main reason for coming to earth was to reveal this Kingdom. Andrew and Rebekah began to study more on how to operate under the Lords Kingdom.

 In 2021 Their daughter Aiyana who was 4 at the time got diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma Cancer. This was the breaking and beginning point where Andrew and Rebekah learned the power in surrendering fully to Jesus. In the breaking point of pain and desperation for their daughter they were faced with 2 choices, either they fully surrender and trust Jesus with their daughter’s life or they cope with the pain on their own and take every drug in sight to numb the pain. The pain in seeing their daughter go through the process cancer and chemo, Rebekah described as “unbearable”. It was that very moment where they chose to surrender to Jesus fully and surrender their daughter to him fully. Not knowing what was going to happen with Aiyana they received the peace of God in their hearts and a supernatural strength to go through the process.

1 week later after the surrendering moment. Aiyana who was 4 years old got taken to heaven and healed by Jesus. Aiyana told her mom that she saw purple lights coming from Jesus hands and he placed his hands on her leg where the lymphoma was and healed it. When Aiyana got re scanned there was no sign of cancer in her body at all. The doctors, not really having a protocol for the results, still wanted her to finish her chemo. Not one time in the 6 months of chemo did Aiyana experience any symptoms of throwing up nor did her body get any damages from the chemo. She made it out healthy and till this day free of cancer.

In the beginning of 2022, The Lord clearly spoke to Andrew and Rebekah regarding a ministry he was going to give them. A ministry that Jesus himself was going to lead. One day in Feb as Rebekah was praying, she heard the Lord say to her “I will show things and you are to write them down” He called Andrew and Rebekah to surrender themselves more to him. They began to understand what is it that Jesus really wants all believers to do, Jesus needs our surrender so he can take the wheel in our lives. The Lord began revealing in detail the mission for the ministry of Life Stand Church. Jesus shared his heart with Rebekah as she continued surrendering to his will and was able to see the desire Jesus has with his children, which is to be intimately connected with his children on earth. He said to her “My children are in bondage and they are living a life apart from me, teach my people how to truly find me and I will restore their families and their communities” In tears Rebekah and Andrew understood the call of God with this ministry.

The Lord revealed to them that they will go to the nations to all the communities that the Lord points out and bring the Life of Christ to them and re-establish the community. Everyday Andrew and Rebekah get specific instructions from the Lord with the Ministry. Andrew and Rebekah says that Jesus is truly in control of every step that Life Stand Church takes. They are excited to see everything Jesus has in store for his people!


Our Mission

Our mission at Life Stand Church Corp. is to reach to all the communities nationwide, who are in spiritual bondage and bring the Life of Christ to them by meeting their spiritual needs along with physical need. We help establish and build communities so they can impact future generations.

Life Stand Church Mission to Houma Louisiana

Community Mission

Faisalabad, Pakistan

September 24th - October 5th

You can support the mission by donating household goods, diapers, baby food, Food, or you can click the button below and make a donation.

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